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Hermione Granger……and a little bit of Harry Potter

March 12, 2010

There are so many years since I watched for the first time Harry Potter movies and and read the books………yes I first watched the first movie and then read the books. Since then I wish every day to be Hermione…Hermione is the better witch of her age(according Lupin and Sirius…) and she is very good in all(almost)…I hate all this I am Ron/Hermione shipper ar Harry/Hermione or Ron/Harry….or Hermione/Draco.But I always believed that Harry and Hermione should have died.Because it would completed the legend for me..of course with a dead Voldemort. I believe that Hermione and Harry is the central couple of the books and all the others are around them. And this is why I think that the two of them is the whole story of the book…