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Leonard Hofstadter and the similarities with my sister

March 12, 2010

Leonard is a character of  The Big Bang Theory serie……and Sheldon’s best friend

He is a genius like Sheldon but in a more “normal” way…the truth is a geek like him…But why he is like my older sister…

He has a sense of humor that nobody really understands even if Sheldon tries(like me). Also he looks oddly at someone when he doesn’t understand that person(what that person says or why act like that). He is really smart and he tries very much to do what he want even if it needs a lot of times(like 10000 tries to get results for the same experiment)…The only difference with my sister is that Leonard talks very little and my sister too much…..


Sheldon Cooper

March 10, 2010

Many people believe Sheldon is weird or something like this…but I don’t. Sheldon has a very high I.Q and that makes him understands things in his very own way. But it is not only an I.Q matter but a character matter of course. He sees many things different from the others but that does not make him weird that makes him special.

That speech of Sheldon is really funny but for me very scary because I want to be a very good theoritical physicist and not correct high school students even if this is not bad. He has a very high seemingly self-esteem but it collapses when someone seems to be better than him(and I’m very close to this…..sadly). He is a so lovely person for me and sooooooooo funny….A character that is great to appear in TV……..